The four (4) things that inspire Ghana's D. J. Switch

D.J Switch

Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh, popular known as D.J Switch  has not relapsed with her disk joking skills after being crowned the ultimate winner of Talented Kids season 8. Talented Kids is a platform that gives genius/talented children in Ghana exposure and training. 

D.J Switch moved to international fame through her exposure on talented kids and subsequent opportunities on different platforms and works through online music videos. 

She had performed on different stages including last year's GHANA meets NAIJA, and made appearance on several radio and TV shows across the country.

She recently had an invitation form Bill and Melina Gates to perform at the Goal Keepers 2018, where she overwhelmed the world with her antics on the turntable. She also had the opportunity to meet the French president, Emmanuel macron and other dignitaries at the event.

Well D.J Switch does not bag these accomplishments out of the blue, apart from God's favour and guidance, she have this biggest secrets that keeps her going.

Inspiration from within

Here are the top five things that inspire the youngest known female D.J in the world. 

Her Mother 

He mother seem to play a key role in her career. She is doing awesomely well as a mother which has become a well of inspiration to the wonder kid.

She gave her the name D.J Switch, she inspired her to take talented Kids, never looked down on her talent and taught how to combine that effectively with education, she sang her a hook for her single as well as others that has helped her reach this great height.

To her, mothers are  key in every child's development. 

Her future careers 

She aspires to become a gynecologist to help women. She developed interest in the career after her mothers revelation of how she suffered giving birth to her. The 10-year old D.J wants to help women fight diseases and make deliveries easier for them.

She dreams of becoming the Doctor D.J and would want experiment delivering your child alongside djing. There is a probability that the child would want to find out where the music is coming from and bingo, it will make your delivery easier, she hypotheses.

The two words not in her dictionary 

As a young lady, she is not numb to backslash of facing a crowd especially when on stage but she has found a therapy that turn her woes into inspiration.  

To her these two words, Nervous and  "Give up", does not exist and will never affect her confidence.

She disclosed this in her interview on CNN during her short visit to New York city for the Goalkeepers 2018 event. "I never feel nervous playing in front of any capacity of crowd because I'm focused". 
She makes her "mind up that what I'm going to do, I'm going to do with energy and also attitude to make the crowd happy and I make myself confident not to feel nervous, because I don't feel shy. I always take nervous and giving up out of my dictionary."

She has equally succeeded in planting the therapy by repeating similar sentences on every platform she climb and this is doing her good. This repetition don't just flaunts her confidence but helps her increase her confidence and detach herself from nervousness and give up.

Where shes coming from and where she's getting day by day

Well, D.J Switch comes from from Dadieso in the Western region of Ghana, where she resided when she made her debut as participant of TV3's talented kids TV reality show.

Winning the ultimate price saw her through education and subsequent relocation to Accra to being on the international stage with world leader and shes not giving up on that.

It inspires her and proves the fact that she can make steady advances in whatever she determines to do.

D. J. Switch with French Pres. Emmanuel Macron at Goalkeepers 2018

Hope you realise the secret to your success. good luck with whatever you're up to
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