Nigerian boy speaks about his problems on twitter and gets a university scholarship


Victor’s story wowed and brought tweeps to tears is will soon be at the university. Thanks to twitter and well-wishers and volunteers from Nigeria who decided to put a smile on his face. 

Opening up about his problems 

Shegun decided to open up instead of heeding to suicide thoughts that took over his mind for days after a malaria attack and continuous starvation which worsened his woes. He’s from a family of four (three children and a single mother who just got married off). Being the eldest son, he had to face reality on his own in this confused Nigerian economy.

He wasn’t just begging for help but genuinely an opportunity to be productive. He wasn’t only pity but you could sense he’s hardworking and ready to take his chance on any opportunity to put just food on the table and hopefully put himself through university to fulfil dreams. 

Here is a collection of his tweets 

He over twenty threads he put in a single tweet yesterday (thanks to that twitter update because his story would have missed this blessing).


So I decided to beg for help on twitter... A thread!

I literally wanted to beg for money to feed, but why are you to help me? Then read my story please.
Am victor by name, Male, 21. Lost my dad when I was just 6. Mom didn't wanted to remarry, but grandma won't let her; she says she can't have just one kid. She remarried and gave birth to her second born when I was 11 she gave birth to two more kids we were 4 now altogether.

But she and my step-dad had frequent fights They broke up and live separately My mom with the kids Step-dad not helping in any way So she's literally a single mother of four kids And she's just a primary school teacher.

So we all live through thick and thin. But the fact that am much more older than my siblings made her to care less about me ( I cannot blame her for that, it's understandable) So after my secondary schooling I decided not to burden her with my everything.

In the year 2014 I went out to search for jobs Find few unsuitable jobs, did them for a while Later came across a pharmacy, I was employed. After a year...

Mom said won't I go to Tertiary institution? I said yes, I won't go. She insisted I ask her where we gonna get the funds She said she will get a loan, that I must go to school.

So from my savings I got jamb form (year 2015) Requested time off from work to register for jamb, write jamb, and post utme also. I wrote jamb and passed, passed post utme too, but I wasn't admitted.
I tried again the following year. Same fate!

Tried again the following year (2017) Passed and got admitted for Medicine I resigned from work Mom applied for loan in more than three places None was given to her, why? State government had bans on loans (if you are in Ogun state; you'll know this to be true) She tried her best
Ultimatum for acceptance fee elapsed. My Admission was withdrew!

I gave up on school..... Wanted to be occupied again, reapplied for the job I resigned from Was told my post had been filled I wasn't employed Ha! God why? I searched and searched for jobs some were too far.

I started pick up on petty jobs like "labourer"and "joinman" for artisans.
Mom married another man again She took in my three siblings with her They are doing good, so to speak. Have been living alone since then; 8 months now.

So the reality of life begin to dawn on me, I started thinking about my future, Like I really don't have something tangible doing. I feel wretched I feel doomed I ask myself where I had it wrong

So this last few weeks hasn't been easy coz I am really sick and can't take up on my petty jobs. So no money to feed not to talk of buying drugs Thought of suicide flows in, but I decided to cry out first.
 if you are reading this thread and can help in any form; please do I am hungry I am sick I am 
famished I am frustrated I am hungry I am hungry I am hungry I am hungry biko nothing is too small
And if you have/know a job suitable for SSCE results, please recommend. I am a smart computer literate that can do any job with little or no training

And if you are an investor or you can "dash" me a reasonable amount to use as capital; please reply or DM. I have many businesses ideas that I can run successfully.

It took a lot of courage to do this, please if you can't help in any way, please don't criticize I pray; morning hunger, afternoon hunger, evening hunger - may you never witness any of them IJN.

 PS : if you want to suggest a job, let it be within my jurisdiction - I live in Imosan‹ijebu ode, ogun state. Unless the company/employer has accomodation to offer. Thanks.

Such a breakthrough.

May your helper locate you today as you step out of your home. 

Donation if you want to help with link to her twitter handle @oguntweets

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