How to create different secured passwords for your social media accounts

Nowadays we are flooded with so many online platforms which require different login credentials. 

Social media platforms, phone i.d, email accounts, online job portals, online banking platforms just to mention few all require passwords to gain access.

How then do you create a stronger passwords for these numerous accounts you may need. On the average, most passwords are generated from just their date of births, names and tel nos. which can be hacked easily.

Generating  keywords for stronger passwords 

How about this;

1. Create a two to three or four letters and numbers keywords that's unique. It can be deduced from your name, date of birth e.g Samuel, born on 19/07/1995 (Key=mu197) combination of your name, day and month.

2. Create a key for the name of any sites you'll visit as well e.g first three letters of the site's name or first three and a number from you year of birth or the full name without the affix. 

For example, lets use, from the key we can use fac or fac95.

 Also, using the above key we will give us twi or twi95 gma of gma95 = ali or ali95

Creating passwords from keywords

You can do this by combining the two keywords as your new password. 

In this case we can use either 

mu197fac or mu197fac95 for just Facebook and

mu197twi or mu197twi95 for Twitter.

The arrangements can be changed as well

For e.g  facmu197 or fac95mu197  for Facebook and 

twimu197 or twi95mu197 for Twitter

Making password even stronger


You can make your password stronger and more secured by introducing uppercase letters.

You can do that with the first or last letter because even some websites will require at least an uppercase letter in their passwords.

In this instance the passwords become:

Mu197fac or Mu197fac95 for just Facebook

Mu197twi or Mu197twi95 for twitter

You'll have stronger memorable password for each account.

I have been using this code for almost three years and it has helped me create more than 40 different memorable and secured passwords for online platforms. Even if I forget the password of a site's I visited over a year, the name will automatically reminds me because of the keywords.

Also note that this is just a guide so you need to create your own key that will be used to generate your password.

Thanks reading and share to protect someone online
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