South Africans go “partially nude” on heritage day.

Young women dressed in colourful outfits on Heritage Day
This year’s edition of the Heritage day celebrated on 24th September 2018 in South Africa was marked with colourful outfits which also featured “partially nude” traditional wears worn by young South African women. 

Nudity and the African culture

Nudity is featured in many forms and activities but has always been contradictory. It is considered a great tool in the advertising industry to sell almost anything from food to housing. As ancient as it is, nudity is seen will be portrayed in various forms for many years to come.

Africans flown on many western cultural imports especially but embraces similar practices in ours. Elements such as explicit exposure of parts of the body are seen as western and never welcomed.

Nudity appears in many forms in the African culture with the mention of Akans, Krobos in Ghana, and Zulus in South Africa etc. where some form of physical exposure in some cultural elements can be sighted. There are other elements in various part of the continent that exposes certain parts of the body but considered no fowl.

2018 National Heritage day, South Africa

The celebration usually reveals South Africans clothed in beautiful colourful garments that signifies their stronger bond in diversity and this year was no different. 

Young women were spotted half clothed with some showing their nipples in similar colourful garments.

Below are some of the pictures shared on Twitter. 

These were spotted online by some S.A tweeps with the hashtag #HeritageDay.

This one

Source: #HeritageDay on twitter
And this

Source: #HeritageDay on twitter
 And this

Source: #HeritageDay on twitter
I think this lady still thinks Heritage Day is for only Zulus

Source: #HeritageDay on twitter

The nude ones cannot be posted ones for some reasons but you can follow this link for more 

What do you think of this?

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