Heritage Day observed by South Africans in grand style

Heritage Day Source:#HeritageDay on twitter


The different cultures of South African were exhibited colourfully yesterday to mark the celebration of the National heritage day. Women, men and the young ones were clothed in colourful outfits which symbolises diversity.

History of National Heritage Day, South Africa

The heritage day initially was purposely for the Zulus in South Africa although some still see it as theirs. It was later adopted as an official South African public holiday in 1995 after a bill amendment. It was observed by the Zulus as Shaka Day, named after the renowned King of Zulus, Shaka Zulu.

When it became a public holiday, all other cultures in the country use the opportunity to celebrate their cultural traditions and portray to the African continent and her international community the great diversity of cultures, beliefs, and traditions that make up the nation of South Africa.

Heritage Day 2018

The mark of the Heritage day now signifies the many colours of the beautiful African country, diversity. South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa housing another country (Swaziland). The country has 11 official languages which tell the diversified extent of their culture. 

To South Africans, every 24th of September is a day steeped in history to reflect on what truly means to be a part of the rainbow nation. “As a country, this holiday is all about celebrating our diversity and what makes us unique” as perceived by a friend.

Such observation is highly recommended considering the history of its people to appreciate their true identity and role in the development processes.

Below are some pictures shared on Twitter through the celebration. Enjoy the colorful culture.

Women dressed in colourful outfits

A pure Zulu tradition exhibited on Heritage Day. Source:#HeritageDay on twitter

Heritage Day. Source:#HeritageDay on twitter

The Kids were not left out. Source:#HeritageDay on twitter

Delicacies mostly enjoyed on National Heritage Day. Source:#HeritageDay on twitter

These Lesotho guys couldn't hide their culture featured in marvel's Black Panther. Source:#HeritageDay on twitter

Events line-up for the week long celebration

The big cannon in Simon’s town

Sing praises to the San

An Africa first festival

Capture culture with Ukhamba Beerworx

Fine art and food in Franschhoek

Beautiful African culture indeed. Let’s protect ours
Arise Africa!!!



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  1. This is such a cool holiday! What a way to celebrate who you are together!

  2. What an amazing looking celebration! It seems like a wonderful way to really celebrate heritage and togetherness!

  3. Wow, what an amazing celebration! I absolutely love all the colorful clothing, and the food looks amazing!

  4. Following the steps of Madiba
    Nice people with great culture

  5. How neat! I always like checking out other cultures, so what a cool thing to see. I'd want to try the foods too!

  6. I love learning about other cultures. Heritage Day sounds like a fun day with lots of history. I loved the pictures and seeing how you all celebrate!

  7. I've never heard of Heritage Day, but I think it's a great occasion to celebrate diversity of Africa and its culture. I think it's a wonderful idea to organise such events to educate people. I love the costumes and the pictures a lot! :)

  8. Great pictures!! Thank you for sharing this special day and giving us some history on diversity in Africa.

  9. Lovely pictures., this literally makes me wanna go there and witness it live and exclusive. Extremely interesting!

    1. You should sometime

      Ghana has got great sight seeing places and colourful culture as well

  10. Heritage day sounds like fun. We don't have anything like this in the DR Congo, but I wish that we did. Love the pictures.

  11. Heritage day looks so much fun you had. We dont have this in our country. Thanks for sharing H Day with us. Looks interesting

  12. Its a pretty cool concept, Maybe we should do something like this is in the U.S? After all we do claim to be a "melting pot" of different cultures. We'd probably have less interesting traditional clothes though. It kind of reminds me of a native american pow wow

  13. This looks like a awesome celebration. My husband is Native American and has annual family pow wow celebrations like this.

  14. Wow, this sounds like an amazing celebration. I love all the pictures you shared here of the event!!

  15. What a wonderful post! I am glad I saw this, this seems like a fun time. Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. What an amazing way to celebrate heritage day. I love all the outfits the ladies are wearing. Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Wow it is so cool seeing their women wearing these flambouyant dresses, omg so much fun! I adore them and feel and admire their love for their heritage.

  18. Oh my gosh! The celebration looks awesome! This is what I want to observe here among our homeschooling group. That we could do this, including the parents. Only the kids dress up while the parents just wear casual clothes. This is all about heritage. There's native food and national costumes! :D


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