NABCO to release placement on August 23rd

Nation Builders Corps - NABCO Ghana

Did you apply for NABCO and have ever wondered if you will be busy soon?

Yes, you will be enrolled soon on the programme but just some delays due to timetable changes from a grace windows opened for those who missed their interview booking and extension of interview period beyond July.

NABCO to release placement list

Nation Builders Corps(NABCO), the flagship programme that was announced by the Akuffo-Addo led government to solve the social cancer of graduate unemployment in the country has missed its timetable that was communicated after its launch.

This delays in the release of NABCO placement list has put some applicants' hopes in despair. An interview by Dr. Samuel Frimpong, an official from NABCO secretariat installed hope in applicants and confirmed the release of placements from August 23. 

Delay in releasing NABCO placement list

The secretariat has delayed in releasing the placement due to the following reasons; 

Reasons for Delay

  1. Extension of interview time.                                                                                                            The initial time frame for the interview was just a month which turned out unfeasible due to a higher number turnout and increased per-interview time which extended the period beyond July. 
  2. Reopening of platform to applicants who missed interview booking.                                             The secretariat also gave opportunity to many applicants who failed to book interview seats when the portal was officially open. The grace period was showered to help realise the goals of the programme to employ majority of unemployed graduates.

Placement to be released on August 20th - NABCO

Collation of results are currently on-going at the various district offices and placement will follow. Due to the huge number of applicants interviewed at the various sub-metros, Municipal and Districts assemblies, enrollment notification will be released in batches onward. 

Placement notification will come in the following mediums;
  1. Mail (Do well to check your mail frequently if you are not fond of that)
  2. Text message 
  3. NABCO online portal 
  4. Phone call 

Work to begin in October

As already indicated, the delays have affected the timeline of the project implementation, therefore the initial August starting date has been changed. 

Due to the notification processes and training, successful applicants will resume work in early September. 

NABCO is working 

My checks confirmed NABCO is indeed working and as at 13th August, more that 200 personnel have undergone drone, I.T and Map interpretation training in the University of Mines at Tarkwa to assist in the monitoring and protection of 'Galamsey' and mining activities in the country.

All NABCO applicants who passed the comprehensive drone and I.T training were given certificates to to increase their employability  after enrollment.

Good news for senior unemployed citizens in NABCO first placement

141,332 applicants registered on the portal after the launch of the programme. Due to the higher number of applicants, veteran unemployed graduated with NSS certificates will be given the NABCO headlights when placements are published.

Although opportunity was given to national service personnel to register on the programme but enrollment will only be given to applicants with certificates and the remaining put on waiting list. 

I also sense all those who applied as unemployed will be considered first. 

What do you think?

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