Tramodol abuse, man stucked on top of a telecommunication mast

Man rescued by fire service-mypowerfmonline

Residents in Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern Region were thrown into a state of shock when a young man identified as Solomon Tetteh, fully dressed in military uniform was spotted at the upper part of an MTN Telecom mast misbehaving and threatening to violently crush anyone who attempts to rescue him. 

Tramadol Abuse

The deranged man is reported to have been high on Tramadol A man believed to be in his thirties climbed up an MTN Telecom mast and acting in an unusual way which reportedly shows he had abused some tablets of Tramadol. 

Identified as Solomon Tetteh, the man, dressed in a military uniform threatened to crush anyone who attempted to rescue him from the mast. His entire demeanor sent shock waves through the spines of some residents and onlookers at Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern Region who feared he could lose his life. 

Intervention by the police and fire service

It took the intervention of the police and fire service to forcibly bring down the man who reportedly looked high on some drug suspected to be Tramadol. “What we have been told is that he is mentally challenged and also this was his second attempt climbing to the top of the network towers in the area. 

He has been dressing like a military personnel, it is not clear if he was a soldier,” an eyewitness recounted to Starr FM.

Another Tramadol abuse victim

Already, the unapproved use of this drug coupled with its attendant effects has seen the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) embark on an intensified campaign against the smuggling of the drug. Checks show that the approved dosage for a patch of Tramadol is 50 milligrams but developments recorded show Ghanaians are taking in 100 to 250 milligrams of the drug. 

The reason(s) for taking these unapproved drugs are diverse. 

Tramadol users show that whereas some of them take the drug to give them strength to work extra hours, others also feel the drug helps them have fun for prolonged hours with their partners. 

A joint police and fire service rescue team forced down the man 

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