“CASH FOR VOTES” in the upcoming NPP National Congress

The National Delegates Congress of the New Patriotic Party is scheduled on Friday, 6th July to 8th July 2018 at the Koforidua Technical University (KTU).

600 delegates are expected to votes and elect national executives for the party.



Delegates of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) is expected to convene at the Koforidua Technical University to elect national executives to steer the affairs of the political party in the next four years.

The congress will provide the platform for discussions on the national chairman and treasurer’s statements, the general secretary’s report and other matters arising which is in the Congress’ interest.

This important event onothe calender of the ruling party however has sparkled argument amomg the public due to certain activities unveiling prior to the congress.

The institution of the Special Prosecutors office was expected to protect public purse by reducing funds misappropriation by public servants.

This objective however looks blur due to the recent happening in various agencies of government.

There is already an outrage about the 275 minibuses to constituencies by a contesting member of the party in the delegate congress which has been criticized by experts, the minority and the general public.

The minority in parliament have called on the S.P to look into the matter. Ghanaweb has also reported that his office might be probing the candidate after the Congress for any misconduct and possible embezzlement of funds being a public officer and a leading member of the ruling party.

Pictures circulating on social media and other online platforms indicate that the top two candidates for the national chairmanship position are alleged to be dashing “cash for votes” from delegates.

This has been seen by the public as bribery tantamount to corruption.

Yawpreko is asking if voting should be induced by money or should be based on the free will of the voter. Should this be a matter of concern or we should leave it because it is an internal wrangling of a party.
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