Prempeh College eliminated by “Maturity threat” from the on-going NSMQ.

Grandfinale on 05/07/2018

Prempeh to win the 25th edition

The ‘Sofoline’ boys were tipped as favourites in the 25th-anniversary edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz. They would have equalled the Presec Boys’ bragging right, "Lionel Messi of NSMQ" with five times championship titles in the in the history of the competition since its first edition in 1994 which was won by Prempeh College.

The duo seems elated to make Amanfoͻ proud until the sudden shock that took them by storm. It started in the fourth round (True or False section) where the WASS guys threaded the title holders with 4 point lead. It continued in the final round (riddles) where they stretched the gap to 7 points.
In the fourth round of riddles, West Africa SHS won the first two riddles to stretch their lead, but Prempeh College and Krobo Girls' SHS never gave up, answering the two remaining riddles correctly.

At the end of the contest, West Africa SHS lead the defending champions, Prempeh College with 4 points while Krobo Girls' SHS lagged behind with 26 points. West Africa SHS clinched 52 points, enough to seal them a spot at the grand final


Reactions from the public

The West Africa SHS boys’ victory has been described as a result of their experience since “they were the same contestants presented by the school last year. After all West Africa is bigger than Sofoline” posted by an Old Amanfoͻ. This strategy was described by him as “maturity threat”.
Thus, the experience the WASS boys brought aboard posed a danger to any possibility of the other schools winning as will be referred to in research methodology.

For example, the West African SHS contestants’ ability to win the first two riddles of the final round to extend their lead by seven could clearly demonstrate the impact of their experience in pressing the bell ahead of the others students.


Grand finale on 05/07/2018

The grand finale is slated for 5th July 2018 where the one-time champion, Adisadel College who is making her fourth consecutive appearance, St. Peters two times champion who is making her first appearance after 12 years absence battles the Avengers, West African SHS for glory at the National Theatre.

All eyes are now on Adisadel or West Africa SHS to make it out as ultimate winners because St. Peters entrance with just 35 points is not enough to contend them.

Who do you think will win this year’s edition of the NSMQ?

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Prempeh College eliminated by “Maturity threat” from the on-going NSMQ. Prempeh College eliminated by “Maturity threat” from the on-going NSMQ. Reviewed by RRAJ on 7/03/2018 Rating: 5
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