How to top up your ECG prepaid credit without your card

ECG prepaid card

It’s tearing when you misplace your prepaid card the moment you really need it, especially in the evening when you need light for the night. Even if it is missing, you still have to top up and probably go for a replacement the next morning later.

I was stuck in this dilemma one evening. My light went off in the morning and I couldn’t visit the vendor in time to top up and watch Nigeria take on Argentina.

I then decided an hour prior to the match to go to the vendor and top up my credit then I realised my card is nowhere to be found.

I searched everywhere in the house but I couldn’t lay my hands on the prepaid card and I must confess, I was angry. You know guys and football.

Out of my disappointment, I realised just before the match would start that I could top up that evening without my card and look for it later or go to the ECG office for a replacement in case I don’t find it.

But the truth is, I never found the card. I would have wasted the whole ninety (90) minutes looking for it.  

If you found yourself in this situation one day, take the following steps and you’ll be able to recharge. You will still need a card anyway but it takes away the waiting and stress.

Here is the deal

You see, the ECG prepaid card is universal thus it should be able to top up any prepaid meter but the meters are unique and comes with different identification numbers which are used as a medium to buy prepaid credit.

Most prepaid cards come without embossed but either inked or something else meter I.D numbers on them. This is what help vendors to top up your credit for you.

What is important is to retrieve you meter I.D and you’re good to go.

You still need a card

Now you need a medium to buy the credit and that’s where the card comes in again. But this time, you need just any ECG prepaid card as the medium.


Borrow a neighbour’s prepaid card.

Write your meter I.D

Take both to the vendor and buy your credit.

NB: You need to explain your situation to the vendor before handing him/her the card or he/she might transfer the credit to your neighbour’s meter.

Steps recap:

All I needed to do was to borrow a neighbour’s card, write my meter I.D and go to the ECG prepaid vendor to top up.

Bingo!!! You don’t have to wait till the next morning before making a trip to ECG for a new card.

I hope it helps

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