Entertainment and lifestyle has a new web address-Yawpreko

www.yawpreko.com: Entertainment and lifestyle has a new web address www.yawpreko.com: Entertainment and lifestyle has a new web address

Sharing online content and web based information has become a common thing that keeps online populace informed, educated and entertained. 

Ghana and Africa’s share of the internet traffic keeps gaining momentum over the years with social media driving most of its explorers. Major headlines, achievements, activities, events and interests under entertainment, lifestyles in Ghana become trends that drive conversation on these platforms.

Various niches, including entertainment, news, celebrity buzz, fashion, adventure and relationships, campus updates and advertisement dominate the trends daily.

A new URL, www.yawpreko.com 

The evolution of blogs as a journal rendition of websites to keep people with interests on topics or fields has equally gained popularity among the Ghanaian media fraternity, freelance journalist, passionate individuals and the general public.  

Entertainment, news, celebrity buzz, fashion, and adventure and relationship content dominate blog such as Yawpreko.com in the country.

YawPreko.com is a distinguished strategic and expedient website (blog) to inform the Ghanaian populace with rich, educative, mind-blowing and entertaining content. 

The niches include entertainment, Celebrity spotlight, fashion, Relationship, Campus updates and lifestyle of everyday people in Ghana to the public who are passionate about these areas and seek to be updated constantly.


"The sun does not set without fresh news", YawPreko brings you daily trends in Ghana and beyond on entertainment, Celebrity buzz, fashion, Adventure, Relationships, Campuses and lifestyles making headlines on our T.V, radio channels and websites and other sister blogs at Yawpreko.com. Keep your eyes on the URL (www.yawpreko.com) and you will not miss a pin.


Yawpreko.com brings to you the royal reader, rich and hot developments in the entertainment industry as at whenever it is worth sharing. Your favourite celebrity news, releases, words and gossips reach the ears of YawPreko and spots are clearer in the lens of Yawpreko TV. Stay with us and be kept posted ‘cuz’ the updates keep slipping in our gossip safe. Wink!!


YawPreko has teamed up with experienced, passionate and enthusiast about fashion and would deliver undiluted important and trending fashion tips to you weekly. Our proud team will be highlighted soon to get the party started and make your wardrobe a hell of an adventure by adopting our fashion tips.


Yippee!! Relationships are interesting and YawPreko.com has made it a much better. Meet Doctor love every Friday for a serious relation discussion and be informed his tips to a healthier and longer relationship. Get all your questions answered by our in-house relationship expert and the good thing is you can be anonymous. 

Lifestyle of everyday people

YawPreko meets people. The lifestyle of the people you might know will be featured. 

  • Do you have something relevant to share?    

  • Do you have a different story?

  • Do you make something extraordinary?

  • Or you’re the genius we’ve been looking for? 

Let us hear from you.
Write to us via yawprekogh18@gmail.com
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Adum, Kumasi.
+233 248 09 7313  +233 243 12 6161
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