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University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Conti)

Katanga and conti converted into mixed halls

According to a letter signed by the Dean of students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the two male-halls have been converted into mixed halls starting 2018/2019 academic year.

The history, heritage and the tradition of both Unity hall and University hall (Conti and Katanga) face a dramatic twist with this move. Both halls are known for their ferocity and advocacy which have resulted in restrictions movements and other several policy changes which students and the institution as a whole have benefited.

“This move would not be successful” as perceived by some of the agitators due to a similar move by a sister institution (University of Ghana, UG) in 2010 did not auger well.

Reasons for Conversion

Some members of the school community, alumni and agitators perceive the move as an agendum to end the long existing feud between the two male-halls by converting them into mixed halls.

Measures that have been implemented over the years have not yielded any positive results on behaviour of members from Conti and Katanga and henceforth this action plan.


Letter signed by the Vice dean in relation to the directive

The green light has been given after a decision reached between the Residence Committee of KNUST and management to proceed with the conversion.

A directive has been issued to the administration of University hall to make the necessary provisions to accommodate female students in the 2018/2019 academic year and thereafter. This included a list of 43 continuing students, who form the first batch of female students assigned to Katanga hall.

A similar directive is believed to have been sent to Unity hall.

Do you think this move will help realize management’s aim to increase female-intake or something else?

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